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Lifestyle & Symptomatic Questionnaire

Alongside our physical testing, symptomatic lifestyle questionnaires are a perfect add on for understanding what the body’s telling us. These tests are great at indicating any potential health issue or deficiency the client may have. All this information is crucial for making personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Skinfold Measurements

BioPrint body fat analysis is an advanced method of skinfold measurements with the use of a calliper. This testing allows us to see where the body regionally deposits body fat, giving us an insight into what’s going on in each clients body. Based on these results, the coach will devise nutrition and lifestyle strategies with the goal of getting the clients to reach their goals as fast as possible.

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InBody measurement low

InBody Measurements

Through the use of Bioelectrical Impedance Analyses (BIA), the InBody measures bodyfat, lean body mass, bone density and much more! All this data helps us determines the progress and needs of each client making it an added value to all the collected data for each client.

Nutritional & Supplement Protocol

After using our state of the art measuring techniques, an individualized nutrition and supplement protocol will be designed in order to reach the client’s goal. All recommendations are science based and leading edge strategies.  Progression will be re-assessed and remeasured to continue to make progress.

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Physical Assessment + Structural Balance

Through a series of tests and exercises, we analyse the way the body moves. This allows us to determine which muscles are too tight or too weak, making your body more vulnerable to injuries. Based on the assessment a personalised training program will then be created that is specifically designed to create a stable base for strength gains.

Periodised Training Programme

Based on the outcome of these assessments as well as the client’s goals, an individualized training program is created. Programs will be specifically periodised in order for the client to successfully and safely reach their goals.

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