Our Team

Getting results is what defines us; changing lives is what drives us

Dan Hunter

CEO, Owner and founder, Coach, Level 3

Once a professional triathlete, Dan started DH with outdoor transformational bootcamps some 8 years ago. Building on their success, he then opened the DH Transformation Centre in May 2016. Dan’s leading edge holistic approach and unquenchable thirst for knowledge has enabled him to obtain unequalled results with his clients over the years and inspired his team to become one of the best in the business. Dan was  even acknowledged as one of the top 30 coaches in the world by the world famous Charles Poliquin.

Zoe Little

General Manager Tervuren

Zoe is a graduate in English Literature and previously worked as a magazine Editor for a UK Publishing house. She left the UK in 2005 and spent 5 years in Geneva working in a bilingual school. Upon moving to Brussels in 2011, she attended the DH bootcamps and, 2 years later decided to get involved in the business.  With her naturally caring personality, matched with a results oriented approach, Zoe embodies the DH philosophy. She is in charge of client relations, operations and general administration at DAN HUNTER.

Glen Allary

General Manager W16

Glen is a graduate in SME-Managament but his true passion lies in the field of sport. An avid basketball player, Glen has invested a lot of time researching methods to improve his athletic performance, recovery and nutrition. Continually striving to further educate himself, he enrolled in Nutrition and Dietetics courses with the clean health fitness institute KILO. Glen’s overriding ambition is to become an expert in his field and going over and above to produce healthy and sustainable results for his clients.



Kenny has always been very passionate about training, nutrition and health in general. Kenny walks the walk at DH and, having been through a 7 year transformation himself – gaining muscle mass, losing body fat and getting stronger – he is ideally placed to help his clients achieve their goals. Kenny invests annually in his continued education, following such courses as JC Simo and the Physical Coaching Academy in order to become the best for his clients. His main drive is to help others adopt a healthy lifestyle and become the best version of themselves.

Mike Destuyver


Mike gained his Batchelor degree in Sport Science from Howest College, Bruges. Passionate about sport and continued education he has also followed courses at KILO and YPSI and is a certified Calisthenics trainer.
Health is his main priority and he is focussed on continuing to expand his knowledge of nutrition, supplementation and strength training to get the best results for his clients. His ambition is to become an expert coach and to inspire as many people as possible to change their lives for the better.
Mike’s main mottos are ‘Practice What You Preach’ and ‘Learning Through Experience’ and he embodies the DH philosophy by constantly striving for progression for himself, his family, friends and clients. 

Karlina Bridaga


Karlina has a Masters degree in Physiotherapy and is currently studying to expand her professional qualifications into the field of osteopathic medicine to fulfil her passion for understanding the human body and its healing mechanisms. Karlina has a lot of experience in both general physiotherapy and also working in the sporting sector with professional athletes. Karlina’s beliefs are in line with the DH approach that, to achieve optimal health, a holistic combination of movement, good nutrition and emotional wellbeing is essential. Karlina brings to the DH team a positive mindset and a caring manner, taking into consideration each client’s individuality, needs and ultimate goals.

Sam Thomas


Sam graduated from Erasmus Hogeschool, Brussels with a Bachelor degree as a Dietician. 

He has always been interested in sport and has a background in swimming, soccer, cycling, marathon running and he has also participated in triathlons. Unfortunately, several injuries limited his further sports performance but, in turn, sparked his interest in strength training, injury prevention, rehabilitation and sports performance. He also followed courses at KILO and YPSI to further expand his education and knowledge.
After a few years working in a commercial gym, Sam decided to focus his efforts on becoming a top personal trainer and combining his knowledge of nutrition and strength training to provide the best service possible for his clients.
Sam’s motos are walk the talk and never stop learning in order to become the best version of himself both for himself and his clients. We are very happy to have Sam in our DH Team – he is serious about helping clients and this, combined with his caring attitude makes him a very nice fit for our DH Family.



Dries is a certified Personal Trainer and has completed many different courses on training & nutrition with PCA, KILO, YPSI, CHFI, Precision Nutrition, Poliquin Group and more. 

He has always been passionate about sports and, in his younger years his interests were centred around football and swimming. As a teenager he diversified into Thai Boxing which he really enjoyed. Unfortunately, at the age of 20, he had to quit this sport due to injury, but this resulted in his interests moving into strength training, nutrition, optimal rehabilition etc. Dries’ ambition is to become an expert coach and to help as many people as possible improve the quality of their lives. His motto is ’ never stop learning’ and he places huge importance on his continued education striving to become the best coach he can possibly be. With his caring manner and thirst for knowledge Dries is a very good addition to the DH Team.

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