Our Team

Getting results is what defines us; changing lives is what drives us

Dan Hunter

CEO, Owner and founder, Coach, Level 3

Once a professional triathlete, Dan started DH with outdoor transformational bootcamps some 8 years ago. Building on their success, he then opened the DH Transformation Centre in May 2016. Dan’s leading edge holistic approach and unquenchable thirst for knowledge has enabled him to obtain unequalled results with his clients over the years and inspired his team to become one of the best in the business. Dan was  even acknowledged as one of the top 30 coaches in the world by the world famous Charles Poliquin.

Zoe Little


Zoe is a graduate in English Literature and previously worked as a magazine Editor for a UK Publishing house. She left the UK in 2005 and spent 5 years in Geneva working in a bilingual school. Upon moving to Brussels in 2011, she attended the DH bootcamps and, 2 years later decided to get involved in the business.  With her naturally caring personality, matched with a results oriented approach, Zoe embodies the DH philosophy. She is in charge of client relations, operations and general administration at DAN HUNTER.


Coach, Level 1

Jamie studied Sports Science at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve but after suffering an injury to his ACL, he had to drop out. Throughout his rehabilitation process, he educated himself on how to optimise his training and nutrition. This led him to achieve his very own transformation. Jamie went on to follow courses and seminars by such leaders in the field as NASM, ICANS, John Berardi, Christian Thibaudeau, Carlos Castro & Wolfgang Unsöld. He also interned with Jon McDowell, USA track sprinter at VIVE, Dallas. The knowledge he acquired through this experience, has led him to become the coach he is today.



Coach, Level 1

Kenny has always been very passionate about training, nutrition and health in general. Kenny walks the walk at DH and, having been through a 7 year transformation himself – gaining muscle mass, losing body fat and getting stronger – he is ideally placed to help his clients achieve their goals. Kenny invests annually in his continued education, following such courses as JC Simo and the Physical Coaching Academy in order to become the best for his clients. His main drive is to help others adopt a healthy lifestyle and become the best version of themselves.

Birgit Van Ermen

Coach, Level 1

Birgit has always been interested in health and fitness and the discipline and dedication that is necessary to fulfil any sporting or fitness goals. This interest led her to study Physical Education and Movement Science at KU Leuven, with a Masters in Sport Management.

Birgit enjoys team sports and played and coached Volleyball to a very high level for a number of years.

To further expand her knowledge she has been taking various courses with the Physical Coaching Academy and Precision Nutrition.

Before completing her internship with DH, Birgit was a personal trainer at Basic Fit where she had a number of PT clients and also coached small group classes.

Birgit is passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals and is fully committed to the DH goal of changing lives for the better.


Simon Fally

Coach, Level 1

As a result of going through a huge transformation himself, health became a real passion for Simon. He firmly believes that everyone has the fundamental right to feel strong and happy in life. To achieve this, it is imperative to make better choices for ourselves and our families in terms of food, sport and our daily lifestyle.

Simon was so motivated by his beliefs that he went on to study Nutrition and Dietetics at Erasmus Brussels University (Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel). After graduating he expanded his knowledge by taking courses with the Physical Coaching Academy and Precision Nutrition.

Following his internship with DH, he is now able to use his extensive knowledge of how to combine exercise and nutrition to better guide people with real science-backed advice.

His mission is to help his clients perform better, feel better and live better.


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