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Holistic Fitness Journey

Our personalized training programs are carefully designed to improve your overall health, with a focus on key components such as flexibility, balance, core strength, and endurance.
These programs are ideal for anyone trying to improve their daily life, whether they want to feel stronger, move more easily, or simply have more energy to enjoy everyday activities.
From improving mental health, increasing energy levels, and improving sleep quality to combating chronic diseases and aging gracefully, the reasons to start a personal training program are as varied as they are impactful, appealing to anyone looking to improve their quality of life, regardless of athletic ability.

Our Proven Personal Training Method - Achieve More in Less Time

Our fitness trainers craft customized workout plans just for you, aligning with your individual goals and preferences. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve got the ideal fitness plan for your journey.

Lifestyle & Symptomatic Questionnaire

Alongside our physical testing, symptomatic lifestyle questionnaires are a perfect add on for understanding what the body’s telling us. These tests are great at indicating any potential health issue or deficiency the client may have. All this information is crucial for making personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Skinfold Measurements

BioPrint body fat analysis is an advanced method of skinfold measurements with the use of a calliper. This testing allows us to see where the body regionally deposits body fat, giving us an insight into what’s going on in each clients body. Based on these results, the coach will devise nutrition and lifestyle strategies with the goal of getting the clients to reach their goals as fast as possible.

InBody Measurements

Through the use of Bioelectrical Impedance Analyses (BIA), the InBody measures bodyfat, lean body mass, bone density and much more! All this data helps us determines the progress and needs of each client making it an added value to all the collected data for each client.

Nutritional & Supplement Protocol

After using our state of the art measuring techniques, an individualized nutrition and supplement protocol will be designed in order to reach the client’s goal. All recommendations are science based and leading edge strategies.  Progression will be re-assessed and remeasured to continue to make progress.

Physical Assessment + Structural Balance

Through a series of tests and exercises, we analyse the way the body moves. This allows us to determine which muscles are too tight or too weak, making your body more vulnerable to injuries. Based on the assessment a personalised training program will then be created that is specifically designed to create a stable base for strength gains.

Periodised Training Programme

Based on the outcome of these assessments as well as the client’s goals, an individualized training program is created. Programs will be specifically periodised in order for the client to successfully and safely reach their goals.

DH Personal Training Programs


1 on 1 Personal Training

Individual one on one personal training programme with your designated DH Coach (Level 1, 2 or 3) working specifically to help you achieve your goals and objectives. All personal training programmes include regular measurements and nutritional advice and support. Minimum programme training 2 x per week for 3 months. 

Online Training

Online Training involves a monthly check in with your coach.  This package includes an interpretation of your measurements (both skin fold and In-Body), a discussion of your dietary and lifestyle habits and confirmation of your goals and objectives.
You will then be sent a nutritional plan to follow along with a training programme both of which will be 100% personalised to your goals. With each subsequent monthly visit you will receive measurements to monitor progress, along with revisions to your nutritional plan and training programme.
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Student Training

Flexible personal training programme of 8 or 12 sessions with a designated DH Coach (Level 1, 2 or 3). Includes nutritional support and guidance along with regular measurements to monitor progress and a training programme to follow. Provides a learning opportunity for the student in terms of training and eating for optimal health.

Rehabilitation Programmes

A specific personal training programme for clients who need rehabilitation services or are just completing rehabilitation therapy and need continued training.
At DH, we specialize in post-rehabilitation training, aiding in the recovery of both acute and chronic injuries for everyone — whether you’re an athlete or not. Our clients trust us to continue their journey to full strength, focusing on critical areas like the lower back, knees, and shoulders after an injury.
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Athlete Programmes

Our comprehensive training programs are meticulously designed to enhance athletic performance by focusing on key areas such as speed, power, agility, explosiveness, and strength.
Through a blend of cutting-edge training techniques and personalized attention, we aim to elevate your capabilities in your chosen sport. Whether you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, improve your overall athleticism, or simply take your performance to the next level, our programs are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.


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What our customers say

Based on 56 reviews
Emilie Rousseaux
Emilie Rousseaux
April 3, 2024
A recommander ! Une expérience unique depuis plus d’une année. J’ai commencé un entraînement pour des douleurs chroniques depuis plus de 20 ans. Et après quelques semaines, les maux ont disparu et j’ai arrêté et anti-douleurs. Accompagnement personnalisé et professionnel. Je n’ai jamais imaginé me sentir si bien physiquement et mentalement en faisant du sport !
Michael Geerts
Michael Geerts
April 3, 2024
Dan Superman is the best trainer ever!
Hanna Anttilainen
Hanna Anttilainen
April 3, 2024
I started training with Dan in bootcamps in 2015, even before the gym opened. Now I'm a regular at small group trainings in the gym and love it. All the trainers are fantastic, they really look after you, correct your positions and make the sessions fun. I feel at home at Dan Hunter and travel there all the way from Schaerbeek!
gary cleaver
gary cleaver
March 30, 2024
Excellent team - very professional and very understanding of my PT objectives.
Richard Woods
Richard Woods
March 28, 2024
Very professional gym with a strong client-centric approach to fitness and nutrition. I really appreciate the expert insights and tailored advice at each session. The coaching is of a very high standard and through my 1-2-1 PT with Dries, he has shown exceptional leadership and training skills. Would recommend without hesitation.
Dries Grossen
Dries Grossen
March 13, 2024
The place where fun, community, challenge and exceptional results all come together!
Kei Jenkins
Kei Jenkins
March 12, 2024
LIsette Kamm
LIsette Kamm
March 12, 2024
Already member for 10 years. I am doing mainly outdoor Bootcamp. Love it 😍 Perfect combi of strength and cardio. Never a dull moment, always a different program! The coaches are very professional, knowledgeable and fun. Thank you Dan Hunter and team!
Lilach Imray
Lilach Imray
March 12, 2024
top gym, top professional coaches. highly recommended DH!
Rosie Tilson
Rosie Tilson
March 12, 2024
Great coaches and I love the outdoor bootcamp!

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